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Rodger St John

Aircraft Multi Part Assembly Modeling


I am an engineer with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Science. Having retired after a 38 year career in the Aerospace Industry I am now devoting my time to developing aircraft assembly models which hopefully will inspire interested persons to investigate and learn the wonderful world of 3D CAD. Please Note: All of my models are developed from scratch and usually defined by open literature based simple 3 view contemporary aircraft images. This process is intentional as my purpose is to inspire by virtue of employing a fundamental approach requiring simple scaling and a great deal of imagination (in my case tempered by 39 years experience). Thus, absolute accuracy and detail accountability are restricted. But, it is my hope that the model "down loader" may pick up where I left off and alter, redefine or redesign at the assembly, sub assembly or part primitive level. Enjoy friends!


work experience

Advanced Design - Aircraft Configuration Development January 1961 - May 1999

Developed and applied methodology for defining characteristics and performance of advanced aerospace machinery.



Indiana Institute of Technology, et. al. Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Science, Aerospace, Comp Sci, Physics, Math 1956 - 2013



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