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ُmy website = Saeed Fargah Designer of : *** Lamborghini Aventador SF 2018 Dubai *** Making with Hamann Motor sport ***Golden Falcon luxury 18 meter speed boat For UAE *** ( __ contact : *** Ohar concept car that Generated on Peugeot 206 Ready to cooperate for special projects ! Mechanical Engineer & car designer with a variety of experiences in designing and Making 3 concept cars from A to Z (body and chassis) , shown by the news media and broadcasting. Expert in : Surface CAD modeling CFD (designing according aerodynamic) chassis design (solidworks & catia & ) ANSYS (analyse and simulation - static and dynamic analyse - CAE) Monocoque chassis design 3d modeling & rendering & animating CPM & planing for project managment. concept design and creation, advanced 3D modeling and surfacing, CFD , simulation, and rapid prototyping. CAD & CAM & CAE Monocoque Chassis Design and Analyse • Invited in international GENEVA exhibition for invention of Direct engineering method • Patent ,New design and produce the Hydro Bird machine (water sport equipment),like Flyboard (the first convertible water sport jet pack in the world) • Ferrari research in CFD , Invited in Geneva : reach a new method in aerodynamic computational. In order to proving the authenticity of my claim ,I tested on FERRARI MODENA 360 that its coefficient of drag in the wind tunnel of factory was calculated at the rate of 0.34 , I calculated and simulated again and reached 0.34 and the researches and calculations were accepted in the best university of TEHRAN and GENEVA exhibition • Making vertical wind tunnel and airplane propeller for indoor skydiving • Batching concrete production line , reverse engineering all segment of machinery • Invent and make Camera cleaner robot for cleaning dome camera • Invent direct engineering method in Computer Aided Design CAD and Invited in Geneva • Making airplane mock up body with 18 meter length (has experience in 2 projects) • Advance rapid prototyping : making every body parts with CNC rapid prototyping with out any geometry limitation. (has experience in design and making car projects) • manufacturing fields : most of molding design and generating in industrial fields of plastic , stamp , vacuum , casting etc (has experience in Hydro Bird invent project) my CV Download = {}


work experience

Hamman Motor sport Designer and Engineer of Lamborghini Aventador SF 2018 Dubai May 2016 - July 2018

Desining Lamborghini Aventador SF 2018 Dubai _________________________________________________________________ ________________________



Sharif University of Technology & University of Damavand Mechanical Engineer (Solid mechanic)

Industrial Designer



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