Keyshot Animation Tutorial Using Simple Model Of High Bypass Turbojet Engine

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In this tutorial i have used keyshot software for animation purpose. I have used a 3D model of a High Bypass Turbojet Engine for denomsration. It took couple of hours to create the animation video that's why i have skipped that part from the video.

SolidWorks Flow Simulation Tutorial with Rotating Region on Cross Flow Turbine

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In this Video tutorial i will tell you how to do flow simulation in solidworks on turbine with rotating region. we will analyze flow trajectories also.

solidworks calculation - power and torque

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solidworks motion


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here you can find simple tips to make a motion study using fusion360

Design of Geneva Wheel Mechanism with MOTION ANALYSIS in UNIGRAPHICS

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A mechanism which used in motion picture film projectors to intermittently advance film through a film gate having a projection aperture. The film is moved or advanced by a Geneva Mechanism (also known as a “Maltese Cross”) until an image frame is in alignment with the projection aperture. Link to join our community: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVbjnpjSOH2BrLBYhqdXW4g?sub_confirmation=1

Solidworks Mate Control : Robot animation

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This video is about how you can use the Solidworks Mate Control. I used Yaskawa 6 axis robot for tutorial.

motion study

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solidworks motion study

Course on Design of Refrigeration Unit(below 5 tonne)

2 5 Expert
Refrigeration Equipment design particularly air cooled type: Bar-Plate and Fin-Tube coolers.

LED light Designing, Pressure and cost analysis

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This Tutorial is about the Plastic product injection pressure, weight and cost analysis, fill time, cooling time etc.


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solidworks mate controller

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solidworks mate controller


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Ansys Tutorial - Rigid Body Dynamics Caterpillar Crane Arm

2 0 Intermediate
Use of rigid body dynamics Ansys module.

Making an Animation

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I know this isn't as much of a tutorial as it is shameless self promotion but hey, everybody's gotta start somewhere.

dust collector plan design

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dust collector plan design