Create Custom Operator Dashboards in GrabCAD Shop

GrabCAD Shop gives 3D printing administrators the ability to customize their Operator Orders Dashboard how they want. Learn how to customize order part statuses, configure columns and more in this GrabCAD Shop tutorial!

  1. Step 1: Customize your order statuses

    • Sign into your GrabCAD Shop 
    • Click Preferences 
    • Show or hide statuses by toggling the eye icon

    In Preferences, you also have the ability to:

    • Change display colors: click the square icon and adjust to the color you want.
    • Reorder statuses: drag the left icon to the order you desire. 
    • Add up to 8 new custom statuses by selecting the blue Add Status button

    Administrators can also configure if the custom status represents an active or inactive order. Only Active orders show up by default in the orders dashboard.

  2. Step 2: Configure the columns in the orders page

    GrabCAD Shop makes it easy for print operators and requesters to see only the data they care about. To ensure this, administrators can show or hide columns in the Orders page.

    • Sign into your Shop 
    • Click Preferences 
    • Scroll down to Order columns
    • Show or hide columns by toggling the eye icon to open or shut

    Additionally, the following new columns can been added to improve the usability of the orders page : 

    • Project code of an order
    • Number of CAD files in an order
    • Technology(s) requested in an order
    • Material(s) requested in an order

  3. Step 3: Check out your customized Operator Dashboard

    Your Orders Dashboard should give the print operator all the information they need to do their job. After making your customizations, play around with the filters and sorting options to ensure you’re viewing the orders how you want. 

    • 3D printing workflow tip: We recommend filtering your orders by submitted, need by, project code or delivery dates to ensure the most pressing orders are completed first.

    You can also search for specific orders using the project name, requester name, email address, or the project code.

    Watch this quick video to see a typical operator dashboard in action:

    GrabCAD Shop is a 3D printing shop management software that helps additive manufacturing professionals get their parts 3D printed -- and fast. Learn more about GrabCAD Shop and sign up for a free trial!