How to Create a Job Using GrabCAD Shop

GrabCAD Shop allows a user to manage assets within a 3D printing lab or print shop. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to organize all of your orders with the new Jobs feature in GrabCAD Shop.

  1. Step 1: Select your Parts

    Right below your current orders is the new Jobs tab. Here operators can group parts and different orders that share a common material or technology for more efficient printing!



    It all starts with clicking on the New Job center button or the other one located at the top right:

    • Once clicked you can filter by technology, machine type, and material
    • Complete the following fields:
    • Technologies: The method used to complete a part or job. This could be 3D printer technologies like FDM, Polyjet, SLS, etc or traditional machines.
    • Machine Type: The type of machine within the selected technology that the operator wants to fabricate parts on.
    • Material: The type of material that will be used for printing of the part.

    Once one or more fields have been completed, you can select the desired filtered parts.

  2. Step 2: Label and Create your Job

    • Once you have selected parts simply select the Create Jobs button to identify your new job:

  3. Step 3: Navigating a Job

    Once a job has been created, you can select a job and be taken to an expanded view of the job in question.

    Within this expanded view, you can:

    • Monitor the progress of each part.
    • Job Created: This is where your parts start out in the workflow.
    • Queued: This is where parts have been approved and are on standby for printing.
    • Printing: This is where parts are currently being printed.
    • Post-Processing: After printing, things like support material removal or sanding occurs.
    • Completed: Your part is finished.

    • Add more parts to the current job
  4. Step 4: Deleting a Created Job

    If for any reason you need to delete a job entirely, within the Jobs menu, navigate to the job in question and select the 3 dots in the bottom right to delete it entirely.

  5. Step 5: In Summary:

    As an operator who cares more about planning trays than incoming orders, and has reordering and traceability needs, GrabCAD Shop should help with the necessary aspects of the journey of a digital file request to a fabricated part and store a record of what was executed. This will save a number of manual steps, and make fulfilment of requests faster and easier.

    Want to learn and see more about GrabCAD Shop? Schedule a demo at your convenience!