How to create a photo of a model to upload it to the Community

I have seen that some new engineers who enter the GrabCAD community do not pay attention to how they should record and upload the files to the community, ie they do not read the tutorials first; This is why I have decided to make a small and simple, but not less important tutorial, so that in a simple and practical way you can create the photo that you like best and as it looks better in the eyes of the entire community, this with the Purpose that can be valued and appreciated by everyone, and thus avoid this message that gives the system when a file can not see anyone in the community except YOU!

"GrabCAD is not able to view this model"

  1. Step 1: Select model view

    If you know how to save a photo in the application that is working, excellent do it!

    If you do not know it then:

    Select the view of the model that best suits you and click on the "ImpPant" button of the keyboard you are using.

  2. Step 2: Open application.

    Depending on the application you manage to edit your photos, open it and paste the image you saved when you gave the "ImpPant" button.

    If on the contrary you do not have any favorite application to do this, I recommend the one that brings by default the Microsoft Windows operating system, it is called "Paint" and is very easy to open, just go to the start button and type the word "Paint" and choose the application.

    Once selected, the following screen will open with the application "Untitled - Paint"

  3. Step 3: Paste application view

    Depending on the application you use to modify your images, select the button for that purpose, or in its default and what works in all applications, is to use the "Ctrl + V" keys.

    The image you copied is pasted.

  4. Step 4: Crop image

    Depending on the application you are using, crop the image as you see fit, click on the "Select" button and then click on the image and drag the mouse to highlight the desired size, then click on the button "Cut" and the image will be cut to the desired size.

  5. Step 5: Burn the image to a file

    Once you have trimmed the image to your liking, you should save a file in the format that allows you to record the application you are handling.

    The files allowed by the community for images are: JPG, PNF, GIF and BMP.

  6. Step 6: Open application and select saved file

    Once you have decided to upload the model to the GrabCAD Community, you must click the "Upload" button of the application intended for this purpose.

    Immediately open a dialog window "Upload files", you must select with a click the letters in blue "Select Files".

  7. Step 7: Locate the file and upload it to the Community

    Once you click on "Select file", an "Open" dialog box opens to choose the saved file, select it by clicking on it and then click the "Open" button to upload it to the Community.

  8. Step 8: Check that the file uploaded correctly

    Once the "Open" button is selected in the previous step, the "Upload Files" dialog box opens again informing you that the file has been successfully uploaded. "Files Succesfuly uploaded"

    Once the file has been loaded correctly, you must click on the right scroll bar to go down to the PREVIEW window where the model is displayed as it will be shown to everyone in the GrabCAD Community.

    Done, that simple and easy and please do not forget, if you liked the tutorial or downloaded it, please click the "Like" button or if it is your taste you can share it with your friends in the Different social networks and remember that it is free, but for the person who developed the tutorial is very important, because it is a sign of gratitude and it fills one of satisfaction knowing that I helped a colleague in the Community.

    Thanks for your comments, whether constructive or destructive are always welcome, the "Like".