PolyJet 3D Printing: How to Assign Colors in GrabCAD Print

When you import a part into GrabCAD Print and you have color options, it'll default to white. This tutorial teaches you how to apply colors using the improved PolyJet panel and Pantone™ Color Library selection tool. This tutorial is great for users with the Stratasys J55, J8 Series and other PolyJet printers.

  1. Step 1: Assigning Colors Using the New PolyJet Panel

    In the 1.39 GrabCAD Print release, we redesigned the PolyJet panel to make tasks such as assigning colors even easier. 

    If you haven't updated yet, skip to Step 2 to assign colors using the Pantone Color Library.

    If you have updated, continue with the video and steps below to learn all the ways you can now assign colors to your parts.

    The improved PolyJet panel allows you to assign colors in a number of ways, including:

    Tray Materials: select a single material you have loaded and assign it to a part. You can select only one color for one part.

    Color Picker: this option allows you to manipulate the color you want by simply moving the color slider. You can also type in the color you want using the HEX fields or RGB values.

    • Tip: Make note of the Selected Color versus Actual Color display so you can make sure you're selecting the correct color.

    Digital Materials: this option allows you to choose and mix 2 to 3 materials to produce a composite material with pre-configured flexibility and color. Just choose a minimum of two materials and you will automatically see Stratasys pre-mix color options, tones and fiscal property configurations appear. 

    CMYK: this option allows you to simply type in specific values for a specific color, since Stratasys' lines of materials follows CMYK input. Just make sure they add up to 100.

  2. Step 2: Assign colors using the Pantone™ Color Library

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