Profile with design table

This is a tutorial requested by Iliya Panayotov. The objective is to create a steel profile with a design table with all dimensions

  1. Step 1: Creating base sketch

    Create a sketch with all dimensions and sketch relations. It must be fully constrained.

    It is a good practice to name dimensions with a known name or letter. These dimensions will be used in the design table.

  2. Step 2: Create a design Table

    Close the sketch and "Insert" , "table", "design table"

    Select the option "autocreate", as the more simple method,although there are others ways . Solidworks open a excel file. This file can be saved externally or internally

    Select all created dimensions.

  3. Step 3: Complete Excel file

    As you can see, a design table was created, with the selected dimensions. The you can complete withs the new values. it is important to respect the format of the table

    Close the table and the different configurations will be created.

  4. Step 4: Create the base extrusion

    Create the base extrusion.

  5. Step 5: Select configuration

    Choose confifurations required and "show configuration"