Sketchup to Inventor-How to export SketchUp to Inventor-convert Google sketchup to Autodesk Inventor

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  1. Step 1: Sketchup to Inventor-How to export SketchUp to Inventor-convert Google sketchup to Autodesk Inventor

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    Sketchup to Inventor-How to export SketchUp to Inventor-convert Google sketchup to Autodesk Inventor

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    Hello Inventing designers, engineers and architects, in this tutorial I will teach you how to export from SketchUp to Inventor, which in the example we will export with the pikachu

    to begin with, we have to download an extension of sketchup that is Sketchup STL inside the site Extension Warehouse, I am leaving the link here in the description of the video now we will install this extension downloaded, inside Sketchup, to do this open Google Sketchup, open a new file, then click on window, then click on preferences, then just click on extensions, install extensions, and look for the path you saved the downloaded extension, select it and click open, click on yes, then on ok twice . Now, we will enter the WAREHOUSE 3D site to download the Pikachu Pokémon so that you can export from SketchUp to Autodesk Inventor. , then click on the link that I left in the description of the video, and access the site, after accessing it just enter pikachu and download the file, and so open it inside Sketchup Now that we open the pikachu, we will export it to stl file , clicking on file and then on export stl, then choose the unit as millimeters and click export, choose the location to save the stl format and save. To import an stl file to the inventor there are two ways, one way is to use the FREECAD software and another is without using FREECAD, first I'll show using FREECAD and during the video I'll show you how to do without using FREECAD, I'll also show the advantages of using or not using, depending on your application, so be aware of the tutorial that instants will show the other method. To start the first method, click on the description of the video to access the FREECAD website or wait for the end of the video that I will leave the link for you to download directly from my GRABCAD along with the pikachu in Sketchup and Inventor format. As soon as you open the site choose the version of your Windows in how many bits it has to be able to download, as in my case it is 64 bits, this is what I download. After downloading, just install normally, there is no secret in the installation, just do as I do, and there is no serial or key of the product, as the name itself, it's free. Now open the FREECAD program, let's open the STL file of pikachu, just find the file and open normally, you have inside the program to change the views, to transform the pikachu stl file into STEP format, which is the format we need to open correction in Inventor, we need to click the green icon with the name of the file, which in this case is pikachu, and then click on the tab that is written start, then click part, then click part, then click create form a from the mesh, when opening the tolerance screen just click on ok, do not need to change the value, see that while doing this have already created several faces that are the meshes of pikachu, now right click on the green icon written pikachu , and click delete, now click on the blue icon written pikachu, then click on file, then click on

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