How to FDM Print for Part Sliding Clearance

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If you are 3D printing parts that have to fit/slide together after printing, you will need to put some sort of clearance between those parts in your CAD system. A good starting place is a clearance 2x the layer height you are going to print at, but you should make a few smaller test prints at different clearances to see if the 2x layer height rule holds for your particular situation and orientation. Have fun and happy printing!

Part 1: A Look at Color Proofing

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This tutorial gives some background on color proofing and explains what to do when the color you print doesn't match the color you chose on screen. There will be future tutorials that expand on the topics mentioned here.

Matte or Glossy? Which Finish to Use for Your 3D Prints and When.

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Matte or Glossy? That is the question. PolyJet users often ask themselves whether they should print a part with a matte finish or a glossy finish. And not without reason. The type of finish can totally alter the look, feel, color, and even strength and durability of two otherwise identical parts. Each option has its own benefits and implications that need to be considered. In this tutorial we will give an overview of matte and glossy, compare the pros and cons of each, and offer examples that clearly show what each finish type has to contribute. Finally, we will wrap up with a quick breakdown of when to use what.

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