Tutorial : How to Fix Slow Sketchup

Tutorial : How to Fix Slow Sketchup for medium device

  1. Step 1: How to Fix Slow Sketchup

    How to Fix Slow Sketchup - In this post, I want to share tips on how to overcome slow sketchup. This method can help speed up the performance of your computer so that your productivity increases you will not be bothered by slow Sketchup problems.

    Unhidden all geometry

    Make sure all the geomtry of your model is not hidden. You can usually find hidden geometry in objects that you download from the internet, for example from 3dwarheouse. To display all geometry, click View -> select Show Hidden Geomtery.

    Remove unused plugins

    Something that is excessive is certainly not good, that also applies to programs. The first tip you should do when Sketchup is slow is to remove unused plugins or extensions.

    Remove unused material

    Material that accumulates when not used will cause the program to slow down. To solve this problem please remove unused material. To make it faster you can use the Purge feature to remove material automatically

    that’s a simple way to deal with slow SketchUp, hopefully with these few tips your Sketchup will be light and not slow anymore. Hopefully useful and see you in my next post