How to fix Sketchup not responding

How to fix Sketchup not responding

  1. Step 1:

    Sketchup not responding is usually caused by a device that has a low specification. This means that the device does not meet the minimum hardware requirements to run the program. But in some cases the problem of not responding can also be caused by other factors.

    Not responding can also be caused by a rendering plugin installed in the program. most likely the cause is too much use of materials and components in one project.

    Problems like this can actually be overcome by removing the waste material or purge material.

    To overcome sketchup not responding, you can do it with internal settings on Sketchup, how to open the program first, then click Windows, then select Preferences, a new settings window will appear. Finally click the General menu and uncheck the Automatic checking and fixing model problems feature.

    I do not recommend forcibly closing the program when the program is not responding because this action can damage the program itself. Similarly, tips on how to deal with sketchup not responding on a computer or laptop. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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