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Requested by Ganesh, Lifter's and slider's

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    Aha You asking Lifters and Slider in Terms of mould Design,

    Dear Ganesh, First I wish to tell you that We not able to compare the lifter's and slider's because They are Different from each other, Area wherever its Employed..!!

    I already Stated in my tutorials that A simple mould In which outer side of Component having Undercut in Periphery, Needs the CAM Actuation that is Slider Mechanism working there for Actuating the side and after Ejector's were Employed to Eject the Components,

    But at the same time Inner side also having the Undercut means we Employ the Lifter's mechanism,

    In Simple Language, Lifter's are the Clever modification of the normal Ejection system that Allows undercut feature in the core to be ejected from the mold. A Lifter's is an ejector pin set into the core at an angle. Attached to the end of the ejector pin is a block of steel that contains the undercutting feature. as the Ejector plate move forward the ejector moves forward and slide way simultaneously, due to the angle on the lifter pin. this slide way motion motion eventually frees the hook(undercut) on the vent .
    The Lifter maintain the contact with the part during the Entire Ejection phase and actually assists the other ejectors in pushing the part off the core. for this reason, parts that have a large number of lifters often need little or no regular ejection.

    Finally the Conclusion is the Lifter's and sliders are two Different thing Employed for Undercut, One is for Internal Undercut (Core side) and second is for Outer Undercut( also called CAM actuated mechanism).

    You able to Employ both of it in same Mould, or use any one of them with respect to Easy Ejection of parts without rupture.
    Product Safety is Must.

    Sourbh Kumar