Tutorials:-Working with Power MILL "PART IV" Finish Machining Strategies.


Raster, Radial, Spiral, and Pattern Finishing.

This section will cover Finishing strategies created by the downward projection of a Pattern, which include four types, Raster, Radial, Spiral and (user defined) Pattern.

PowerMILL generates the toolpaths by projecting a wireframe form down the Z-axis onto the model. The standard patterns applied in Raster, Radial, and Spiral are achieved by entering values directly into the Finishing Form. The resultant Pattern can be displayed by selecting Preview before executing the command by selecting Apply. The Pattern option requires a user-defined geometric form (active Pattern), which is projected down Z onto the model as a tool path.

  1. Step 1:

    Typical previews of the four Pattern strategies are shown below as viewed down Z.

    Radial, Spiral, and Raster finishing operate in exactly the same way by projecting the standard Pattern down Z onto the model. The more commonly used Raster finishing strategy will be used as an example in the next section.


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