Replace references in ptc Creo.

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I saw an question on the pro e users group, from the days of pro engineer, asking about replace references. This is something i have used over the years that can save a lot of time. I just had to use it for a model I am making and thought it worth passing on.

Replace Assembly references in Creo

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A function in Creo that can save a lot of time. I use it a lot and thought it could be helpful.


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This video is all about Sketching in Creo. It is fun to create profile and desired shapes. Learn the following:- • Use basic sketching Tools • Commands used to Sketch • Types of Commands • Modification of Entities • How to fix or lock the profile • Relational and Dimensional constraints • How to PURGE Get connected and learn more to be a product engineer and to be more productive. #mechanical engineers #CAD #Designing #Product Engineers #how to sketch in Creo If you like the Video, Like, Share & Subscribe. Hit the Bell icon to get updated for upcoming videos. For question and answer, drop your questions in comment section or connect through email Pkumar.29a@gmail.com

Tutorial(02):- Getting started with Creo ! Setting up Working Directory ! Understanding Interface

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This Session is all about • Getting started with CREO • Setting up Working Directory • Understanding the Creo Interface • Understanding Working Interface CAD tutorials for Beginners Best Suited for Mechanical Engineers Deals in Interview Question like 1) What is working Directory? 2) Why we need to set working directory? 3) How can we set working directory? 4) What can be seen on Creo Working Interface? #CREO #PTC #Tutorials #beginners #CAD #mechanicalengineers #productdesigner #freshers For the first video click on below mentioned link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILz6FnX5b9Q&t=230s Like, share & subscribe and hit the bell icon Get in touch for queries pkumar.29a@gmail.com

Tutorial(01):- Introduction to PTC Creo

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This video includes introduction to PTC CREO featuring #Interview #questions like #What is Creo? #What is design intent? #Why is Creo called parametric? #Beginner #Tutorial #mechanicalengineers. #CAD #tutorial #Creo #designsoftware #Tutorial for #fresher #productdesign #npd #basicsofcreo #basicsCAD #getting started with creo Find the below for Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILz6FnX5b9Q