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vartan mouchagh


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work experience

June 1986 -

my experience in jewellery Exceptional and Unique Jewelry Design: Professional knowledge throughout entire technological process of design and production of jewelry products; distinctive sense of style and time, trends in fine art market ; modeling master models using both 3D prototyping equipment and manual fine work; excellent knowledge in 3D design software and hardware of prototyping models; design and modeling using variety of materials (wax, gold, platinum, silver, brass, precious and semiprecious stones, etc Outstanding experience designing and modeling accessories Design and manufacture of exclusive jewelry items for highly personalized private clients design and master modeling for brand names. Windows Systems, In 1986 I started as Diamond settings at the same time. I was learning wax carver hand craft. In 1989 I opened my own office as model maker wax designed, 1998 I move to use. And work at (Company name) Diphillipo 650 Hill Street CA 900140 as model maker and finishing products custom made. 2003 I opened a Company with partner La casting on 635 Hill #508 Los Angeles CA 90014 casting finishing products. In 2004 I studied matrix and Rhinoceros I open my on company Angelart 404 West Hill Street #514 Los Angeles CA 90014 as 3D designer and carving on Rivo a 540 and b2 4 excess and solidscape only special order. 3D designer to carve on wax casting and finishing to set diamond done 2011 move to Boston and work on Zeroporosity Company as contractor 3D designer and run envision tech Machine for growing model and solidscape T76 and Project 3500. • Education Hauptschule Waldfischbach-Burgalben Germany Gemvision Co 607 Downtown LA 3D Modeling Diploma 2004 • Job Title 3D Jeweler Designer Experience running 3D printing Machines • 540 b Rivo operating cnc machinery • Rhinoceros, Matrix, ZBrush, Magics ArtCAM • hand carve wax • i have my own matrix and rhino licence • Solidscape Envision tech Project 3000 • Cutting mold • Jeweler Assembly • Creating jewelry mold • daily computer maintenance



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