Any idea how to make such patterns in solidworks?

I wish to make this pattern (image attached) without going through the painful process of doing the circles manually. Is there any easy way to do it?

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You guys really think I don't know that SW has a circular pattern option? :-P
If you see the image there is a variety of holes , different scales and having different no of holes. If I keep making all manually there will be a plenty of features on the feature tree. Instead I wanted a single or double options to reduce the manual work.

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WTF: "You guys really think I don't know that SW has a circular pattern option? :-P"???
If you want to get help - what the smiles here? Can't be serious?

I think that you don't know how to use patterns!

Each of the next hole from the center to the edge is reduced in size

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Used three linear patterns and 2 circular patterns. But want a simpler way to do such things and not using equations.

Answered with a tutorial:

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you pretty much need a circular pattern and some equuations to change size, any idea i can think of pretty much requires a pattern....

well perhaps if you had the equivalent of imates from inventor in solidworks you could import many of these parts to be constrained automatically then combine bodies to get the result...

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Just reinforcing what every one has said above - circular and linear pattern is the best and ONLY option.

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You need to repeat this process for several types of plate?

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the fastest way is to use circular sketch pattern
insert image in part,put origin in the middle of image
sketch one circle of circle line and use,as I said,circural pattern,so
you can get all circles in circle line...

iI bealive this is a fastest way...

best regards

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