Anyone interested in some GRABCAD community project?

I'm thinking it would be awesome to have something similar to the Show Let's Go Design, where we could design something fun or useful, having GrabCAD Members participating on it, on the design, modelling or even the manufacturing. Hope You like it...
* For those who havent seen Let's Go Design..

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I think we should try to find competitions on the web. Everyone keep your eyes open for some cool competitions and we can all come together and blow them out of the water! Get some recognition and donate or split the winnings.

That looks so good and very interesting JE I am up for that one and I am sure more will be also when they see this message. The only problem how will this work if we are all working on different software for the project?

Let's do it! What do you have in mind?

Sounds interesting...sharing a neutral format for parts and commitment to finish assigned tasks would make it work. We would need an assigned assembler to keep the whole assy up to date

I can't promise anything at this point in time ... but where do I sign up?

sure! part time only hehe

If needed I would gladly take part in a community project
I would like to hear the Idea.

Yeah! Count me in!!

I think It would be better to get project suggestions do we want something useful or just fun?, maybe a fun project can be building an off road buggy from ground up, or a scaled project could be desinging a R/C Tractor with hydraulics something like this one,
I think an important thing will be to have private models while in development, only shared for the team, and some renderings uploaded as an other file to get more engineers interested in the project..
I think all of us will work part time haha but if we assign each one an area of the design we could get it to work..
Let me know what you think! I´m open to suggestions... Thanks for your support!!

Hi JE that is one impressive little Tractor :)))
I have never seen anything like that. GrabCAD will be launching it's projects files soon so this would be the perfect opportunity to use and test this new feature to GrabCAD....
I love that little Tractor but don't you think we will need something on a much larger scale as I think there will be a lot of people wanting to participate with this project?????

Yeah part time sounds a better option for a lot of people as I know my school work will need to be done before anything else and I am sure everyone else will be the same.

I'll love to be a part of this GC project......... but........ I'll be free only after Christmas...... :-(

Yeahhhhh let's do something and kick somes ass ! lolllll
I'm in and i'll be able to give spare time only but i can share a lots of my experience and knowledge in vehicles industries . We need to come up with something cheap to built ,usefull and everyone will love to put hand on !

@J E Paz I really like this Idea as I already have some concepts floating around my head, I,m doing a mountain bike for my Main Graded unit at colege this year

That sounds very interesting JE
and would be great to put the new feature GrabCAD launched the other day to the test with the projects...

I am 100% up for this little one
you have my vote for this one.