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I am trying to model a skate deck and it is proving to be difficult. The overall shape and profile is easy but the top surface and bottom surface has a slight curvature to it that adds to traction. I was thinking I can just use a freeform plane to try and model the surface (since its not really a dimensional dependent shape) but I cant seem to figure it out.

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Can you post a picture or 2 describing somewhat of what you are trying to do?

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First off, you'll need a spline that defines the profile down the centerline of the board's length. (see "centerline_top_profile")
Then you'll need a sketch that defines the curvature at the center of (perpendicular to) the spline you just made. (see "midpoint_curvature")
Then you'll need other primary curves along the 1st spline that define the rate of change in shape. (see "curvature sections")
Once you have all of those built, you simply drive a surface through all the sections using the 1st spline as your guide. (see "surface_creation")

This exact technique will differ dependent on the CAD system, but is pretty universal.

I hope this helps.

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