How to surface modeling in Autodesk Inventor Professional

I wonder how to make complex surface modeling with Autodesk Inventor.
I see that the tools are limited and somewhat complicated.

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Don't forget, you can also use the extrude, revolve, loft and sweep commands to create surfaces.

For complicated surfaces, regardless of the software you use, typically they are always constructed from arcs/curves/lines/point data etc. these features are used to build the 'skeleton' which will then be used to form the surfaces.

Its a lot of years since I've generated any automotive grade surfaces (I was using Pro/E 2001 at the time), but as I recall, patience and a lot of modifying of models was always involved.

Hi XtremWize I am an Auto desk user and can not see by there software that is why this is hard to say but IV sucks big time for surface modelling and hate to say this even more but SW would be a lot better an option for you with surface modelling..... But if I had to be honest Auto desk does have the KING software for surface modelling ALIAS :P
but in saying all of that you can still get good models from IV surface modelling tools have a little look @ my RC Car that I done.... @
Hot Rod

There is many great surface modellers on GrabCAD that would be more than happy to try and help you in any way that they can so just let them know what you need help with and I am sure you will get it, hope you have a nice day :P

inventor is a waste program, all it can create is extrudes, and chamfers , fillets etc