Change surface color/ texture of imported parts in Autodesk Inventor

I downloaded some valves from 3D Content Central. They are all colors clear/ transparent. I would like to know if there is a technique to add solid colors to the part once imported? I am attaching one valve to this question in .IGES as I downloaded it.

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The other thing you can also do, is thicken the surface, if it is just surfaces.

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I frequently run into models, especially *.iges models, with all-surface geometry. I try to specify *.step rather then *. iges whenever possible for this reason. Most of the time, if you import a file and it comes in as a surface body, it means that modeling errors are present. Models should ideally be all solid geometry, with the exception of Cable and Harness wires and segments, which are by definition surface objects.

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I was struggeling on this for an hour now

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