Catia difference between part design and surface design

Hello, I would like to know difference between those two workspaces cause i see some people use one and some the other so my question is why? is there a surface that you cannot model in part design or vice versa
I'm a bit confused
Thanks in advance

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Actually no need to confuse yourself because there is no way you can create a zero thickness structure in part design because it is solid..

moreover the preference to surface or part is depends upon your knowledge level in particular module example i can create propeller in part as well as surface ..

if you are going more precise than choose surface which will give additional tools to control your shape properly than part..anyhow after creating surface at the end thickness will be added..

Also surface will be chosen for complex shapes mostly...

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I think you are confusing Solid modelling and Surface modelling. Part design is primarily used for the creation and modification of solids.

You can easily learn more and understand the differences on our CATIA V5 Fundamentals course.

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It is simple that.. both Solid and Surface modelling are not same, Because Solid model has mass, thickness, etc.., But in Surface we have zero thickness.. which acts like a China Clay were we can do whatever shapes we want.. which cannot be done easily in Solid modelling.

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I agree with the previous answers but just want to add a point that is the objective of part modelling is totally different.
The part modelling aim to design a single component as whole in itself.

Surface modelling is used whenever we need to design for any profile to study its behaviour in specific conditions. Best example is body structure of a car or profile for spoilers, helmets for aerodynamic analysis.

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