Catia Product Structure & Assembly Design beginner's questions

Here are some questions I can't find answers:
1. Why you can apply different materials to component at part level and at instance (component) level itself?
2. Is there any way to save a component of type that doesn't have its own external file to an external file (so that little blank sheet will appear in the tree)?
3. How to select all instances of a same part in whole product at once (e.g. in order to hide or edactivate)? Or, in other words, should "Component -> Deactivate" contextual command deactivate all instances of same part in root product?
4. What is a purpose and practical use of "Associativity" and "Associate" commands in Assembly Design Workbech?

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1 Answer

1. Rendering opportunities for example.
2. A5 size paper is the icon for a component in Smarteam
3. Use search with pre-select
4. Handling V4 models in V5

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