Copy views in a drafting file and pasting them into a different drafting file? (NX 9.0)

I am in search of how to do something in NX 9.0 and I have been having no luck whatsoever. I will try to explain my situation the best I can. I work for a design team for designing and manufacturing car part containers. These containers consist of racks and carts. We have set up master assembly and drawing files for each our racks and our carts. what our master file does is when we finish designing a rack, or cart, we can update the master drafting file and about 25%-50% is automatically completed for us as it lays down views and updates dimensions on our common parts.

Now that I have explained we mainly have 2 master files, one being for the rack and one for the cart, I'm in search of seeing if something is possible. Our customer has decided to change one of our rack concepts into a cart. The drawings are already completed 100% for this rack concept. Now I have moved all of the innards so to speak of this rack and put them in a cart. Now I have to go with our cart master drafting file so It will lay out and dimension our cart out automatically. Only problem is all of the work of laying down views, dimensions, and balloons on our rack master file of the innards will be gone.

This is why I am in search of seeing if it is possible to take and copy views from one drawing file and paste them into a completely different drawing file. The parts that make up the innards of both the rack and the cart are the exact same. Same file name and everything. I have searched for an answer and Im finding out that it might not be possible.

I have heard of "work around" as in screenshotting a sheet and paste the picture into the other drawing file or make views into symbols and paste the symbols into whatever drawing file you need. but If something would ever change on this cart obviously pictures wont update so I need something that will keep its link to the parts and update as the model does.

Thank you for your time. All of the forum posts I have scimmed through people did not explain their situation clearly and they were mostly asked why would you want to do this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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