Copying and Pasting a sketch on to a part file

Hi there,
I have a rectangular part file extruded. I have a another part file with a sketch that I want to copy and paste on to the top face of the rectangular extruded file, I can copy and paste OK but the sketch keeps appearing at 90° to the extruded file. I have tried Move Feature but cannot get the feature to rotate 90°

I intend to revolve the sketch and use intersect to retain the sketched pattern

I haven't used Inventor for 5 years - Win 7 - Inventor 2016

Each Time I paste in the sketch it is on the right plane but at 90° to the extruded part

Please can anyone advise me



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1 Answer

Further to the original problem, I have had some success. Rather than to copy/paste in sketch format I revolved the sketch and then did copy/paste.

This allowed me then to utilise the extremely easy system of location. After easy positioning I then edited the feature to revolve using the intersect button.

Would like to know why the sketch is so difficult to place over the extruded part though


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