Creating a complex sentry gun from the ground up in Autodesk Inventor

I want to create a sentry gun in Autodesk Inventor. From start to finish. Including animations, simulation test, BOM, etc..
I have an obj file containing every single part necessary for modeling the entire sentry gun in cad format.
However, I do not have any dimensions for the gun system. I hope this will not be a big issue

I want to see this project to the end but I am going to need some assistance. I am hoping to share some of my modeling knowledge and learn from you guys at the same time.

I first want to briefly talk about my current modeling workflow.
first. I import an obj file into 3ds max.
I then use the obj in wire frame mode to use as a blueprint to create my 2d sketches. I then follow up with extruding the sketches and then finish up with booleans, some fillets, etc..

I am able to make some cool parts with this method. But this is not the way It should be done. I want to model all my parts exclusively in inventor.

So to start off this project I first need to get passed this first hurdle. How can I work with the obj mesh data in conjunction with inventor to create my parts? does inventor have a way of importing this data somehow??


will I need to create 2d drawings from the obj file in another program before I can start modeling in inventor? and if so. how do I setup my drawings efficiently??

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i don't believe you can import 3ds files to inventor but you CAN import inventor files to 3ds

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