Error R6025

Somebody can helpme about this error in aotudesk inventor 2013

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4 Answers

i format de hard disk and the problem still apear, i fixed change de video card......

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Obviously is a runtime error

Could you share more information like what exactly happened and this message came up???

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Can you make this error happen again? If so, let Autodesk know about it in the official forums at follow the links to the Inventor forums.

If it generates the Autodesk Crash report tool, I would submit the error that way...Autodesk will get m ore information that may help them solve it!

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I would agree with Kevin the right place for you is the autodesk forum.
However, the runtime error predominately occurs own to memory problems, malicious or just a bat moment for your hardware... these things are happening all the time... but if you get this more often a re-installation of inventor might give the answer...


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