error running the macro to create points or splines from an excel file

hi guys.

I am using the macro to create points from an excel file. The macro is in the file GSD_PointSplineLoftFromExcel.xls, at the code folder.
I am getting the following error "Licence information for this component not found. You do not have an appropriate licence to use this functionality in the design environment.". i have googled the error and the only replies to the error where related to Microsoft Visual Basic for applications. which i don't have installed.

Does anyone knows how to solve this problem? or is there any macro that i can use?

By the way, i am running CATIA V5 R19 in windows 10 with excel 2016.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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2 Answers

Could you please post the code here so that users can check and answer about your query?

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I have the same problem too. How did you solve this?

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