i want to make a Tee mixing ​​in a pipe in which hot air (500-600 C) comes in contact with cold air i should Assessing the risks due to thermal shock, stress, by using calculations of stress and temperature profiles and i have to do that in FLUENT CFD OR FEMAP . Please i want some body to help me to do that

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Ali Jan,
You must first use Fluent to get an idea about the forces affecting the pipes. Use its force output in Femap.

Piruz bashid

You can run FEMAP TMG FLOW to do the CFD job, and import the Temperature results in the structural model to perform the thermal stress analysis with NX NASTRAN (SOL101) using command MODEL > LOAD > MAP OUTPUT FROM MODEL.
To learn how to use FEMAP TMG FLOW using a TUTORIAL see my blog in the following address: https://iberisa.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/analisis-de-fluidos-cfd-con-femap-tmg-flow/
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