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I built my CNC router back in 2004, and been used since although not as much now since I got a laser cutter, With my laser I have got spoilt with the software that came with it, I can just make a drawing and send it to laser.
On my cnc router I draw in autocad then use a program called ace converter to get the gcode, play with the code a bit, then use an old version of turbocnc for the toolpath to my Hobbycnc board. It works well with no issues but a messy process, looking for suggestions of a fairly simple bit of software that will allow me to do everything like I can with my laser software, this might be obvious to some but have been out of the scene as such for a while so not upto date with whats available now in the CNC software world

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What are you cutting with the CNC equipment? Are you only cutting in 2 dimensions like the laser cutter? Or are you doing 3, 4, or 5 axis machining?

What is the budget you have in mind for the CNC software? Pricing ranges from free to thousands of dollars.

What file formats do you need to import and work with.

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Thanks for answers yes just standard cnc 3axis, not exactly looking for free software but dont want to be spending hundreds when not needed, also dont need the latest all singing dancing versions, I would just like to be able to do simple drawings like draw a square put a few holes in it and send to the machine without having to first draw it in autocad convert etc etc.

Normally using dxf, ai and cdr files

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Fusion 360 is a CAD, CAM cloud-based, free for hobbyists, makers, startups.
Standard at $300/ year and Ultimate at $1500/year.

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