Help working with Curve Driven Pattern to make a human helix

I am working on an art project, I want to show these following human figures a line up a helix tangent to curve. Currently I can only make them rise the curve pointed in the same direction (if that makes sense). I try using the tangent to curve option but nothing will register for the 'Face to Normal' reference

3 Answers

Trying still to be clearer, I want essentials a line of figures toe-to-heel that is then twisted into a helix. They are still in a single file line but now they are all twisted in different directions.

Hi David,

I am still not clear what exactly you are looking for.. I do not understand what do you mean by twisting in different directions. Can you try to explain it a little more in detail?

The attached file is how your file look in SW on my computer.

Hi you need a help geometry to drive the pattern of people forward. Easiest way to achieve this is to draw your path with an ordinary sketch (in assembly mode) tool ,then use the fit spline tool to create a single line path, then you'll have to mate a geometry to the path "this is your help geometry" then insert a part of the thing you want to move ,mate it with your help geometry pattern the thing you wan't to move and then use the animation drop down to record. I could help you achieve this if i had the curve you want it to follow.