How to do the curve driven pattern in CATIA

Hi, Everyone
I would like to know how to create model as shown in attached picture by using catia.
I mean not only pattern about the curve but also direction of the model has to point into right direction
(The model in picture was created by solidworks)

4 Answers

Did you try "user defined pattern"? It's under the circular and rectangular pattern icon.

Update: it seems like there might be some kind of halfway workaround with "axis-to-axis". Looks like you draw the curve, generate axes that are normal to the curve at specific points, and then copy & translate each iteration of the whatever you're patterning to each axis. Not great, but at least it will preserve the position and orientation when you translate.

Thank you Chris and Fred
I tried user pattern tool, it generated model along a path I wanted, but the model orientation was not followed the path.

1. you need to creat the pattern points in you curve sketch ;
2. creat the feature you want to pattern;
3. Apply "User Pattern" tools. In "Position" define, please select the Sketch. then ok now.
Please check "User Pattern" tools here: