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how do i hide all planes,constraints in assembly in CATIA ?

By Manikandan M on 02 May 13:05 9 answers 8 comments

in assembly i have some thousand parts, am not able to hide all planes,sketches,constraints etc. how should i proceed. i tried with search tool but its not useful ..

9 answers

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir over 4 years ago

    you must search them by their names or types. Go: Edit-->Search (or Ctrl+F). search menu will pop up. if you want to search in assembly, select workbench as assembly design. if you write name as "*plane" and click "Search and Select" (binoculars with yellow arrow) and then push Hide/Show, all the origin planes will be hidden. if you write name as "plane*" and make same selection this time the planes which you created will be hidden. you can also use type for selection of constraint etc...

  • Sebastijan Prelec
    Sebastijan Prelec about 3 years ago

    On menu line select EDIT, than on pop-up menu select SEARCH, than go to the tab ADVANCED. On this tab you choose the right parameters: i.e. planes and axis. Selection of more than one parameter must be done with boolean operator "OR". When the parameters are set, then you click SEARCH and after that you click SELECT. Now all desired features are selected and painted in orange (in assembly and in structure tree). Click HIDE command (pop-up menu "view" or icon on toolbar "view") and that's it.

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • skc skc
    skc skc over 3 years ago

    if you want to hide all of the planes go to tools>hide>hide all planes

  • gurudath
    gurudath over 4 years ago

    before saving the parts created under part design hide all planes and sketches
    so in that way if you bring in the models under assembly you don't see case if your part itself contains so many planes and sketches go to tools under drop down select hide all planes,all sketches etc...and you can do the opposite(i.e show all planes sketches etc...)

  • atreat
    atreat about 3 years ago

    In the bottom right of your screen there should be a white text box. Type t:plane and hit enter. This will select every plane in your model tree. From there you can simply use the Hide/Show command. You can use this to select other features as well.

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