How does Ilogic based rules work in AutoDesk Inventor Part Deisgn?

Found this topic and thought that GrabCAD engineers might have an answer:

"I am very new to this whole concept of having ilogic based rules to drive your part design. I have even gotten as far as creating a ipart and having ilogic rules be able to suppress, unsuppress, change values and dimensions using ilogic rules. I now want to be able to use ilogic rules to drive some of the various(yet similiar) assemblies that I create all the time.

For instance, If I have just a flat plate as the base component with a shaft welded to it that varies in length for my assemblies. Since the shaft varies in length, I went ahead and created iparts for all the lengths of the shafts. I can manually change which shaft I want represented in the assembly, but I would like to to know how do I get Ilogic to place the different shafts based on user parameters?

I've looked into component place iparts, but can't seem to get the code to work. The list of iparts tree within the model doesn't pop up in the model tab in the ilogic rule, only the base component. Any help or guidance on this subject would be very much appreciated."

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3 Answers

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Very interesting topic, I will be investigating this in the next couple of weeks/months, will give you feedback if I stumble across something of use.

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Hope you have got in depth of Ilogic. Just posting this file (Contain help link for ilogic), which helps others, who search for the solution.

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