How to design the rope in SolidWorks ?

Design of rope in SolidWorks

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I'm not that expert, But here is a solution by me. Hope this helps.

Answered with a tutorial:

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By using assembly condition we can make a full rope. See these for more details.

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I made a rope, but I want it to follow a path. What's the best option? The path contains part of a circular curve, and it transfers via a sharper corner to a straight piece of rope, on both sides. It kind of looks like a cabinet handle.

I tried sweeping the rope-profile and twist it along the path, but SolidWorks can't do it, because it needs a smooth path to do that.

I also tried building it by bits, taking sudhir's rope as a start. This failed because I can't get the parts to mate properly and I have no control of the distance between the starting and ending point.

To make myself more clear, I added both files (&assemblies) that I used to create the rope, so 1 created with sweep along path, but it can't twist it along the path that I want, and 2. created by adding Sudhir's pieces together.

Hope you can help.

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look at this video, is in this tutorial. tutorial: Modelling a rope/wire.

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