How to flatten a surface - Solidworks

Hi All,
I'm trying to use surface flatten to create A dxf of the attached part but mine is grayed out. New to solid works. Please help.

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In an effort to anticipate the next question, I've attached a DXF.
After the surface is flattened, it may not be correctly oriented in space, so creating a DXF of an item arbitrarily positioned in space could prove difficult. Give it a try though, it will be good practice if you do this task often :)

I added a scale reference to the DXF, Hopefully it can be ignored by your software.

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The issue is that you don't have a surface to flatten. Your model is a single solid body.

- Just select the face you want to flatten (use the Ctrl key for multiple picks)

- Then use either the Surface Knit command, or the Surface Offset tool (set to 0) both tools will give you the same result.

Now that you have a surface, the Flatten Surface tool will work.

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Having the same problem. I offset a surface from my solid body and the flatten surface command is still greyed out

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Couldnt get it to work at the time so I used the above online solution. Probably not a good Idea if this is an everyday task.


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