How to measure my part which is in stl file format?

I want to make an exact 3D CAD model of a fan:
I have two 3D scans (front and back) of my fan blades and I can not import the stl files into SolidWorks as a solid body because they are too large.
All I need is to measure the blades (actually one of them, because they are the same) to get the data I need to make a 3D CAD. I tried the way described here but it didn't work for me.

Can you please help me to get the desired dimensions?

Thank you very much!

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4 Answers

I can carry them out successly . You can use Geomagic studio. Which can measure the blade. you want.

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The best software for all 3d files is Netfabb.It is a open source software.
It can be downloaded from
Attached Screen shot of your file.

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