How to move sketches/solids from 2d to 3d

I apologize in advance for any confusion but I will do my best to explain the issue I am unable to figure out.
Seems like all the answers I find when searching are to use 3d sketch but that is not relative to my issue as the product is already made and sketched but I am unable to move it in 3d, only in 2d.

Best way to explain my issue is this way.
On the right plane, it sits in the middle of the bottom plane. I sketched a circle on the right plane. Now, after building other parts, I need to move this circle outward away from the right plane but cant because it will only let me moved it on that plane, no where else. If I try too, all it does is extrude it instead of moving the sketch.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue or move any of it?

I hope this was understanding. If I think of a better way to explain it, I will try to update this.

I added a photo to reference to an example.
The blue triangle is on the right plane. I am trying to move it forward to the edge of the plate like the grey triangle is. In this case, I could just make a new plane and remake the triangle where I need it but I am using this photo as an example, in other cases when I am stuck with this issue, I am unable to do that. Please let me know if anyone has an idea as to how I can do this.

Big thanks

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Hi Tauntdevil!

You seem to have come up with the answer already! Create a new plane as to where you want move the sketch to. Then right click on the sketch you want to move then click on 'edit sketch plane'. This will move your sketch plus whatever child feature associated with it. Hope I helped :3

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