How to recreate a 3D model from a sketch.

Hi, I am only starting out now with 3D modeling. and I would like some guidance on how to approach the following project. I know the basics, but need something to push me skills level. Attached is a "3D" image of a knight chess piece that I would like to recreate in a 3D model. The idea behind this project is to teach myself new techniques. So I dont want someone to do this for me, I want input and suggestions on what to do.
I hope you guys can help out.

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hi. i use autocad in 3d modeling. :) in this particular object. you will be using loft and sweep command. I suggest that you make orthographic views first. take note of the surfaces that will be lofted/sweep and should be provided with path(s) and guide(s) for better results.I highlited some for you to see what Im talking about. The blue and red lines are the surfaces you will loft/sweep and the yellow lines will be the path/guide that will take shape of the 3d model. Good Luck :)

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hi there
first , i recommend that you make your model with 3D modeling software like 3DS max or C4D , if you want to work on a cad program then try solidworks , and the basic step for all to start modeling is to implement the 3 views of you'r model , and then depends on how you want to work it out and the difficulty of you'r model you can make curved lines or make point in the sapce and then fill them , there is many ways , it depends on your technics and the tools you know of your program you work with ( i hope it's not autocad ^^)


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You have to minimum two sketches of your future 3D. See the below video and enjoy ; )

For me CATIA is the best software for the reverse engineering.

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