How to set a default color for certain features?

I would like to see differences between features. Is there a way of changing the color of different features?

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No method that I know of can assign a default color to a certain feature, but you can color features after you create them ...
If you don't know how, there are a lot of methods to apply appearances, easier probably is to click on the part of the body that was created by that feature and a flyout box will appear, click that four colored ball and then click the second one from the drop menu ... the rest is pick the color and you're done ...

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you can group features and then assign a color or a material at the feature level.

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Actually that's possible, sorry it didn't occur to me earlier, go to Options> Document Properties> Model Display and choose the colors.
This setting is stored in the part file, meaning this won't affect your other models, unless you want to of course.
If you like to set this for every new part, give me a shout.

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