How to use boundary surface function in Solidwork

Hi there, I am trying to use the boundary surface function in solidwork.
Attached herewith is a photo of the sketch
I try to set the arc in the sketch as direction 1,
with the two vertical line set as direction 2.
However, this will result in an error.

The purpose is to create a half-cylindrical hollow section using the boundary surface function

For info, the vertical lines are drawn on front plane.
The arc is drawn on the top plane.

Appreciate all the insights and helps.


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3 Answers

Your drawing shows a confusion between sweeping and smoothing. You can scan a profile to which you give a fig 1,1B trajectory. But smoothing (2 different profiles) is a gradient of an open or closed profile to another profile figure 2A (or even a point fig 2). Only after smoothing (Fig 2b) may be added to smooth scanning guide curves (Fig 5.5A) or directions (Fig 4).
Better generally make a different sketch for each curve or profile used.
Smoothing is prefered to limit surface that

Answered with a tutorial:

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