i need help in surface modelling in solid works

I'm doing good in part modeling. But i don't have a bit idea how create surface modeling. please help me out

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Try modelling simple things that you see around you with surface modelling. Download some models from GrabCAD and see the steps/techniques used to model. Watch some YouTube tutorials. I think you will get a fair idea and from them on it is only practice and analysis.

Ex of some models that could get you going: a computer Mouse, a Hair Dryer, a Drilling Machine, a car Dashboard/Door, etc.

Hope that helps.

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some advance tutorials


if you are using solidworks 2017 only you will able see the grabcad models.Because in grabcad most of the models created by sw2015,sw2017.
you have solidworks 2017 what ever you want all are there in grabcad library.
example:( Tide Bottle )

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Surface and solid modeling are basically the same thing.
By working with solids, the software is doing some extra steps in the background like trimming, knitting, and making enclosed volumes "solid".

If you can make a solid part, making it as a surface is not much different. You'll just need to trim, knit, and fill your models with the tools of the same name.

It is sort of a boring exercise, but take a model you already made as a solid, and remake it using only surface tools.
Parts are not really designed that way, as surfaces are most properly used to fabricate complex portions of a solid model, but it is a decent starting point to get used to the tools.

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if you are beginner first learn this basic tutorials...


after following the solidTweaks idea's

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