Inventor / How to split a part using an irregular 3D split line

I have an enclosure which must be splitted in two halves.
Originally, my split line was following a simple parting line path (designed as a single sketch parting line)
This led to a perfect, symetric split.

Now that the project evolved, I need to add a connector opening at a specific location, which in turn requires to alter the split line to get it cutting the connector opening in two for injection moldability.

My problem : I cannot figure out how to do that. Any ideas or concept from an Inventor exprt would be more than welcome !

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3 Answers

Start a sketch on the surface you want to split, use a spline or create arcs and lines to define split path on the surface of your part. Use the "Split" button to manipulate your part in one of several ways until the results are what you can deal with. See the attached screengrabs from a 5 minute experiment I just tried.


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Dear Mike. Many thanks for your time replying to my problem... however, I already applied an irregular sketchline (spline) on one profile which leads to my initial split. Drawing another spline (on the other profile) for the connector location will cut the whole part the other way, which is not what I aim for.

Another idea?

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I'm at a loss as to why the split line is only allowed to move where the connector is? For sake of symmetry and ease of duplication, wouldn't you want a flat cutting plane? Can the whole split be moved up to the same location and the connector?

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