Is one software enough?

Hi, I'm a student, who recently finished corses of CAD and I know two softwares: Solidworks and Creo Parametric. I want to start working as a beginner and my question is :

Is one software enough for the beginner?

Although I know two softwares, the research shows that specialists of CAD mainly use Solidworks, CATIA, AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor.

So now I want to work mainly with Solidworks, and later to learn Inventor for becoming more professional, is this approach right?

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You learned to drive a car, so it doesn't matter which car you are going to drive. So as long as your foundation in engineering drawing, machine drawing & CAD are good. It's easy for you to adapt to any CAD tool.

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It depends on the work you are doing, and for whom you do it.
Some design work can be completed in any program, so knowing it well will be enough. Knowing two (or more) CAD programs does not make someone more professional than a single CAD program user. Ultimately, you'll need to know the program(s) you use, and no more.
Other times, you may be working for a company that uses a certain program, then you'd need to learn it.
Other times, you may do work for a client who requires the CAD data in a certain program, so you'd either learn that program, or pass on the job.

I think you'd be best to focus on a program and be great at it. I don't think there is much benefit to trying to learn several programs which all do essentially the same task, but I guess it depends on the field.
A good option might be to learn different programs that can accomplish a broader range of projects.
One CAD system (i.e. SolidWorks)
One CAM system (i.e. SurfCAM) if you'll be working with CNC equipment
One sculpting program (i.e. Zbrush) if you'll need to make organic shapes
One rendering program (i.e. Keyshot) if you'll need to generate realistic images for clients or marketing people.
One photo editing program (i.e. Photoshop) to help with renderings, and concept art.
Just my opinion though, hopefully others will suggest some other options.

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But CSWP(SolidWorks) and ACP(Inventor) certifications does help boost your resume.

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It depends on what types of work are you doing. there are several software which are best for different types of work. but if are expert in one software and know the pros and cons of this software then one software is enough. you can easily switch to other software when needed.

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Learn the "concept", not just the application, so concept is "Parametric Modeling", which is also called History Based Modeling or Feature based modeling, Also completely understand what is DESIGN you have good understanding of all above concept u can easily learn any CAD software..

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