Keyshot or Bunkspeed for Solid Edge?


I am about to purchase my 3D design software, and needed to think about which rendering option to choose. I am leaning towards Solid Edge ST4, which means I have the following options:

A. Solid Edge native rendering (need to pay extra $1300 to get "Classic" package)
B. KeyShot
C. Bunkspeed
D. Other free software like Blender/LuxRender etc

Which option would you recommend? I do a lot of building interior shots, which means I need to have control over lighting (e.g. adding multiple spotlights), and Camera (positioning camera, adjusting lens angle).

A lot of people write that Keyshot is extremely easy to learn and use, and can produce great quality shots quickly. But will I be able to add spotlights and position camera in Keyshot?

I couldn't find much literature about ST4's built in renderer though- I suppose it would be the most "seamless" solution, but is it any good?

And are there any free rendering software that can read SE files the way Keyshot or Bunkspeed does?


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I would suggest you to go for Bunkspeed. Bunkspeed is CPU+GPU whereas Keyshot is just CPU. Keyshot is user friendly unlike Bunkspeed. Bunkspeed is advance on the other hand. Well there are large number of Keyshot users on GrabCAD unlike Bunkspeed.

Check out there home pages and you will learn a lot.

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I am using Keyshot 3. It is very, very easy to use and you will get really great effects. If you area student you will get Keyshot for 100$.


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In keyshot it is possible to create items that emit light! You can make the item invisible to the camera so that only the light it emits is rendered! This means that it is possible to create a light board as used in real photography, make it emissive and then by cloaking the light board with a graduated jpg which can be created in any paint package you can create subtle pools of light! Just search my posts for examples.

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Luxion, makers of KeyShot is a Siemens Partner for Solid Edge, and reads in ST4 and prior data in natively. In addition, KeyShot doesn't require an expensive GPU to run properly. It will just works on any machine, PC or Mac. Take a look at to get more information, and to see what other people are doing with it.

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As much as I like KeyShot, it won't work for you. It can't do interior shots with that much control since the only source of light it uses is the HDRI and light emitting objects. Bunkspeed fails for the same reason (not exactly sure).

As far as I've seen, SE4 render engine doesn't produce very realistic images.

I know I wasn't much of a help but at least you'll consider your options before you buy.
You can always install a trial version of each software before purchase.

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I think this is a pretty good result out of Solid Edge.

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I just had a look at my posts and there arent any on here that show that effect too well I have others at work, just message me and I will upload a response. The rendering in ST3 classic is not that hot compared to Keyshot. Keyshot is simple to use.
if you search keyshot for my user Lincat there may be some renderings that show what I have created in keyshot .,2611.msg11861.html#msg11861,3509.msg14930.html#msg14930

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I tested this to software recently and keyshot is really easier. He has less fonctionnality but largely compensated by the fact that is much faster to take control. You create shot in very short time. Especially, the rendering visible on the screen is very close to that obtained in final.
Bunkspeed is very complex, not very natural to use! more fonctionnality but with very long time to master it. The rendering on the screen don't give the same result in final. I think because algorithms are completly different. But this is very disturbing. You need more time, with many test, to adjust parameters for obtain good result.

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Keyshot is much easier to use whereas Bunkspeed is more complex but I believe it gives you more control over Keyshot. So you will need to decide on how much control you want from the software.

I personally use keyshot cause it just gets the job done real quickly.

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Thanks. But is it possible to place spotlights and cameras in Keyshot? Or are the HDR images the only way to control lighting? I render a lot of interior scenes so I need to be able to put artificial light sources in the scene....

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Solid Edge does have a very good built in render package, the key is getting to know the commands, once you are used to them then you can get some very good results.

We have just posted our Solid Edge rendering competition winner on our twitter account @PCETECHTEAM, check it out.

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What did you end up going with James and what are your thoughts so far?

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Sorry for not getting back and thanks for all the advice. I was tied up with other stuff so things was slow on this end.

Anyway, I went ahead with Solid Edge ST5 Classic package (includes rendering), because I got a good deal and I wanted an integrated package native to Solid Edge. I only had time to try it briefly the other day, but it didn't felt good, but maybe that's because I am not familiar with all the settings yet. I'll need to play around with the settings a bit more, but if I am still not happy with the results then I may need to think about getting Keyshot or Bunkspeed.

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Hi James, if you'll be at Solid Edge University in Nashville, we'll be there and can show you how well it works with SE. Feel free to bring some files too. If you won't be there, I can help with any questions you have.

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