Keyshot texture mapping

Please help me! How can i set texture mapping in Keyshot so that the stripes are perpendicular to the curve pipe axis. (In the pipe bend texture are parallel)
Please see attached image.
Part file and simple texture also attached.

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I am far from a Keyshot expert, so there may be a better way.

I think the "correct" way to do this is with proper UV mapping. I have not figured that out yet though, so let's try another option.

I split your original model up into several distinct sections with different colors applied in SOLIDWORKS. I then exported the model as a 214STEP format so Keyshot will see the colors.

For the horizontal and vertical portions I applied your texture with planar mapping. One of them will need to be rotated 90° to look right.

For the curved sections I used UV mapping. You'll have to play with the size and position sliders to get a better alignment than I did, but I think this will work.

Images and a segmented step file are attached.

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