Making Solidwork CAD model from physical propeller

I am currently doing my undergraduate final year project related to the propeller and noise reduction. I have bought the 12x6 composite propeller from the following website and I need to make it into CAD model to do the CFD simulation. Can anybody suggest an idea or help me make this?


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I have tried with this propeller but it is not the same and also I couldn't perform CFD simulation with it.

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I think it will come down to how precise you need the model to match the physical prop.
Using the CAD data Trinity suggested is a really good idea.
If you require a more accurate match, you could contact the manufacturer and see if they would share their model.
After that, things take more time. Laser scanning, CMM devices, and good old fashioned hand measurements can gather information on the shape.

The good news is that it should be symmetrical, so only one half needs to be measured and modeled.

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This is how i would model it, however keep in mind as somebody said in an earlier comment that you probably would want it to be as accurate as possible .

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