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I am often on GrabCAD from my phone and have found a few things difficult or even impossible to do from my phone. I also just got an iPad and there is a GrabCAD app, however it is extremely limited. I like the way the app looks and feels but we need to be able to log-in so we can like and comment on the models as well as just look at the most recent one. Do other people think we need a more mobile grabcad? And what things does it need?

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Hey Stephen... I also own an iPad and have the same iPad app. It is very limited on the feature list, actually only one feature, slideshow ;) I will only assume the talented developers at GrabCAD are maxed out on time, not ability. Also money is a factor. I do web development on the side, and I can tell you from experience that fully functioning 5-star apps can cost $30k+++ to cross the board professionally.

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I know @Stephen and @Tommy have seen this, but wanted to share for others searching for this in Q&A.

GrabCAD has an app for both iOS and Android!
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