Solidworks mate problem

I've designed a contraption that includes large screw screwing into a block which pushes to pins outward perpendicular. Would you know how I would mate these to demonstrate this action?

I've already created the screw mate and create limit mate on the pins that go perpendicular.

Thank you for your help!

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3 Answers

Without seeing the model it's tricky to answer but I suggest that you retain the screw mate, apply the limit mates to the screw and the ad a coincident mate between the end of the screw and the contact surface of the interfacing part.

Do let me know if this helped, of, if you have any other info, I can try and assist you further.

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Hi Richard,

The screw mate has a limit mate on it and the pins also have limit mate to restrict the horizontal movement. So if I add a coincident mate the pins should move inward when I move the screw out?
I will try it out and let you know.

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Hi Richard,

I couldn't make it work. However I was able to replicate it as Motion Study-Motion Analysis. It gets the job done.

Another question, I haven't found a good example of making a string dynamic in my model. Would you know how?

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