solidworks - solid from closed surfaces

I'm trying to make a solid from lofted surfaces in a guitar neck. I've tried to knit all surfaces and to left no gaps between them, but the solid is not created...(the file is without knits now..). It is the neck to hand junction. Could somebody help me whith this? Thank you

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2 Answers

As I do not habe a SW license, I fixed your surfaces back together in SpaceClaim and uploaded a step file of the result.
Hope this helps you along.

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Your file has 2 solid bodies and 4 surfaces. When I hid the 2 solid bodies the 3 surfaces making up the neck to hand junction were open at each end. Offset zero the 2 faces, 1 each from the neck and hand solid bodies then knit those surfaces to the existing 3 to form the solid body. You can then join the three solid bodies into one if you want.

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